Work Sharp CPAC006 3pc Red Replacement Belt Kit

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Keep your favorite kitchen knives sharp and pristine for years to come with this Work Sharp Culinary 3pc Red Replacement Belt Kit for the Work Sharp E5 and E3 electric knife sharpeners. This replacement belt kit includes three original red replacement belts that are long lasting and produce consistent sharpening results throughout the life of the belt. Designed for cool sharpening, the abrasives are engineered to sharpen without excessive heat or material removal for optimal longevity of both the blade and the belt. Cut down on the cost of purchasing knives every few years through the proper sharpening of blades with this Work Sharp Culinary 3pc Red Replacement Belt Kit!


Features: Replacement Sharpening Belts for the Work Sharp Culinary E5 & E3 Electric Knife Sharpeners. (3) Original Red Replacement Belts. Long-lasting. Cool Sharpening - the Abrasives are Engineered to Sharpen Without Excessive Heat or Material Removal. Gentle on Knives While Creating an Amazingly Sharp Edge. Consistent Sharpening Results Throughout the Life of the Belt. Flexible Abrasive Belts Conform to the Shape of your Blade. Based on Traditional Belt Sharpening Techniques Found in Factories which are Designed to Sharpen Without Removing Excessive Material Maintaining Longevity. Made in the USA.


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