Work Sharp Culinary E2 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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The Work Sharp Culinary kitchen Knife sharpener is a new, innovative way to sharpen all your kitchen knives – with flexible abrasive disks. With a push of a button, you’ll get the perfect sharp. The automated timer will signal you when you knife is done, taking the guesswork out of sharpening! It is clean, simple, and built to become a part of every meal you make so that your most important tool, your knife, is sharp all the time.


Features: Push of a button - fully guided sharpener that automates the sharpening of your knives for an even angle and perfectly sharpened knife every time. Professional level sharpness - designed to sharpen The highest-quality knife steels. Versatility - sharpens kitchen knives, serrated edges, pocket knives, scissors and shears. Longevity - replaceable flexible disc abrasives sharpen 100 knives before needing replaced. Compact size - that easily fits in a drawer. Our space-saving design keeps you knife sharp and your counters clear. Made in the USA.



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