Rogue Bladeworks 535 Bugout Carbon Fiber 3K Handle Scales

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Rogue Bladeworks Carve scales have a contoured feel that fits perfect in the hand, appealing design curves and a new round lanyard hole. Featuring weight reduction milling and anti-rotation flats on the barrel spacer mounting holes for easier assembly. Crafted from the finest USA made grade of Aerospace Carbon Fiber and finished to a matte tactical appearance. These scales provide a boost in rigidity while staying true to the lightweight nature of the Bugout.


Features: Aerospace Carbon Fiber material. Designed for use with the Benchmade 535 Bugout. Made in USA.

Please keep in mind that almost every knife manufacturer provides a list of specific actions that could void the manufacturer's warranty. Please check your knife's warranty policy before removing or changing handle scales. Removing the handle scales from any Benchmade knife, by anyone other than a Benchmade technician, will void the warranty of the knife.



Rogue Bladeworks

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United States

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Carbon Fiber



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