Caldwell Rimfire Rotary Mag Charger

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"The 22LR Rotary Mag Charger revolutionizes the way you load your rimfire magazines. With this innovative design, you can take loose rounds of ammunition and load your magazine within seconds. The Mag Charger automatically aligns each round. All you do is insert the magazine and twist the plunger loading the ammo until fully loaded."



Fastest T/cr22 and 10/22 Magazine Loader on The Market and Holds up To 100 Rounds of 22lr Ammo in The Hopper.

Durable Polycarbonate Construction.

Fast and Easy Ammo Loading Leaves More Time for Shooting.

Hopper Automatically Orients Ammo Correctly.

Simply Dump Ammo Into the Hopper, Insert the Magazine and Turn the Handle to Load.


Is Ammo Reloadable


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