Bowie Knives

Bowie knives are named after the famous Texas independence leader, James Bowie. In the 1800s, Bowie was well-known, even notorious, for his skill with a blade. Big blades, like the bowie knife, were his go-to. He used one while defending the Alamo, where he laid down his life for his cause.

Bowie loved big, fixed blade knives for their sturdiness and size. With a solid hilt and a lot of sharpened length, the bowie knife is great for practical purposes like hunting, fishing, survival, and revolutionary 19th century battles!

Carry on the Bowie legacy with these amazing blades. Bowie knives come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. At Smoky Mountain Knife Works, we carry only high-quality bowie knives from the brands you love.

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