Casio Women's Step Tracker Runner Series Black and Grey Watch

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The Step Tracker Casio Watch can be configured to start counting your steps automatically whenever you start jogging, running, or walking with the-axis accelerometer. A Step Count Graph on the display shows your past step count along with your step count goal attainment rate, and the number of days your step count goal was attained. You can also maintain a history of your step counts over the past seven days. An LED light allows easy reading even in the dark. The tip of the band is curved to facilitate strapping these watches to the wrist, and there are more band holes to allow fine size adjustment for a better fit. A large front button along with raised ridges at the top and bottom of the display for tactile reference allow easier, fumble-free operation while on the move. Everything about these watches is designed and engineered to meet the modern needs of today's runners.


Features: Case/Bezel Material: Resin. Resin Band. Resin Glass/Spherical Glass. 100-Meter Water Resistance. LED Light. Step Count Goal Attainment Rate. Step Count Using a 3-Axis Accelerometer. Step Count Graph. 200 Lap Data Record. Made in China.


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