Reate Knives

Reate Knives is relatively new to the knife-making scene. Founded by David Deng, Reate Knives has been making a name for itself because of the high quality of the product and the affordable suggested retail price. This, combined with a fast design- to -manufacture production time has elevated Reate to a high-end mainstream knife maker.

Reate is one of the only brands who employs a flipper style release mechanism. If you are the type of knife enthusiast that likes to hold a folding knife just to open and close it for fun, a “knife fidget,” then you need a Reate knife.

These knives are designed with a flipping mechanism better than most custom knife manufacturers can achieve. Reate makes the perfect “flipping” knife for you; the Valkyrie created for Reate Knives is for sale at Smoky Mountain Knife Works!

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