ESEE Knives

Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin, two field-proven experts, founded ESEE Knives with a mission to cut the hype out of the survival gear industry. The ESEE brand represents legitimate, tried and true knives and tools that are designed to seriously perform under demanding circumstances. Their philosophy is simple: treat each customer with respect, keep prices fair, provide unmatched quality, and never teach a skill or provide a piece of gear that hasn’t been tested in the real world. SMKW carries a huge collection of survival knives, hatchets and axes, survival tools, and much more.

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    Category New ESEE
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    Handedness Ambidextrous
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    # Of Blades 1
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    Handle Color Purple
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    Tang Skeletonized
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    Sheath Molded Plastic
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    Product Type Knife
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