Brous Blades

Jason Brous is not your typical knife-maker. His ten years of experience with machining in his father’s shop gave him the logistical knowledge he needed to get started. This, combined with his love of a specific style of art called “Bio-Mechanical,” mixing machines and robotics with organic animal features, is the end result of Brous Blades.

Although Brous Blades stand out for their a-typical looks, a determined Jason Brous refined his style to a more simplistic nature and created a fantasy mixed with a functional mentality. The result of this is a blade that is highly technical and comfortable in hand but without lacking his artistic expression.

The Brous Blades Hardwire knife is one of his most unique folding knives, and at Smoky Mountain Knife Works, we have it at a budget-friendly price. Get yours today and own one of the most artistic knives around.

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