Boker Magnum Bokken White Oak Tanto

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The Boker Magnum Bokken White Oak Tanto features 7.68" training sword. The small Magnum Tanto made of unvarnished white oak corresponds to the dimensions of a knife and is particularly suitable for practicing disarming techniques. Treating the wood with oil (e.g. Boker camellia oil) gives it additional protection against dirt and moisture and increases the grip in sweaty hands compared to lacquered wood. It's 11.69" overall and weighs 3.70oz.

Boker Knives of Solingen, Germany has been producing knives and tools for over a century. Click here to see SMKW's huge selection of fine Boker products.


Item Restricted From PaypalNo
Blade Length7.68"
Overall Length11.625"
Knife TypeCollectible Knives
Best UseMartial Arts
Model #05SC324
Handle ColorWood
Handle MaterialWood
Blade MaterialWood


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