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U.S. Army Hand-To-Hand Combat

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U.S. Army Hand-To-Hand Combat

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In close-quarter combat, there are no second chances and there is no room for error. Even the smallest mistake can make the difference between life and death. U.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combat is the official field manual (FM 21-150) used by U.S. Army soldiers - men and women trusted, trained, and tasked to protect the United States from enemies, in every kind of situation. When our forces tackle adversaries, and weapons are unavailable for their use is inadvisable, they fall back on their training and combat skills - throws and takedowns, punches and kicks, choking techniques, knife-against-knife defenses, and more. Wheter you are a soldier in the field or a civilian looking to learn self-defense, this handbook is as useful as it is authoritative.

·U.S. Army official field manual (FM 21-150)