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SAS Urban Survival Handbook

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SAS Urban Survival Handbook

Brand: Value
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Here is an indispensable companion for every urban jungle dweller. A compilation of essential strategies for dealing with the stresses of everyday life in the modern world, from fire drills to terrorist threats, this complete survival guide covers everything you need to know and more!

·Daily Essentials: Surviving the city, including instructions for making your own survival kit
·Safety and Security: Recognizing the common hazards in your home, workplace, or commute, from household poisons to computer hacking
·Fire: Knowing the risks and planning your escape
·Self-Defense: Getting out of sticky situations (and learning how to avoid them in the future)
·Terrorism: Taking steps to make your city feel safe again in a world where everyone is a potential target
·Disasters: Surviving earthquakes, tornados, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters
·Heatlh: Saving a life, from first aid to identifying the symptoms of life-threatening diseases
·Written by John "Lofty" Wiseman