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Spyderco® Puukko with Ironwood Handle

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Spyderco® Puukko with Ironwood Handle

Brand: Spyderco

Pre-order only. Available after: 02/09/2016

Ships after: 02/09/2016

Finnish knifemaker Pekka Tuominen once said Every puukko is a knife, but every knife is not a puukko. A historically traditional Finnish fixed blade, the Puukko was developed for life in forested, outdoor environments where woodworking, hunting and fishing are daily chores. Puukko blades have a single curving cutting edge and a flat level spine with a rounded wood handle. The level blade spine and lack of choil, allow positioning the thumb directly on the spine to concentrate force and leverage forward and downward where it's needed most when cutting. Used for cutting as opposed to piercing or stabbing, Puukkos have no cross-guard or expanded pommel to block the hand from the blade. This feature gives the knife it's sleek and balanced appearance. Puukko sheaths are considered an equal component to the knife, designed to protect the blade and its owner. The Spyderco®/Tuominen Puukko carries tip-down in a fitted, black leather belt sheath which pivots with the position of the body, whether standing or sitting. Made of Arizonian Ironwood, the handle is rounded ergonomically with a large radius at the top near the spine that tapers into a teardrop shape, becoming narrower at the bottom so the blade can be orientated in the hand, by feel.

·CPM S30V stainless steel blade
·Ironwood handle
·Brass throat
·3-5/16" blade
·7/8" wide
·1/8" thick
·7-7/8" overall
·Leather belt sheath with swivel
·Made in Taiwan