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Copper Sulfate Sample

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Copper Sulfate Sample

Brand: Smoky Mountain Relic Room
out of stock.

Pre-order only. Available after: 02/10/2016

Ships after: 02/10/2016

·Single piece
·Bright blue crystals
·Sizes will vary, but measures approximately 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"
·Keep out of reach of children; Toxic if ingested!
·Copper sulfate or Chalcanthite is commonly known as "Copper Flowers"
·Any sulfate rich ground water that might leech our copper from other copper minerals, will crystalize chalcanthite when the water has a chance to evaporate
·In many copper mines Chalcanthite is an on going precipitate forming blue encrustation, crystal aggregates, and stalactites on the sides of the mine's shaft
·Chemistry: CuS04-5H20, Hydrated copper sulfate

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