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Coon P&#153; Coon Cloth Protective Wipe

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Coon P™ Coon Cloth Protective Wipe

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Pre-order only. Available after: 03/05/2015

Ships after: 03/05/2015

The world's most advanced products! The Coon P line of all purpose oils originated from a synthetic base fluid developed by NASA and used as a primary lubricant for the Crawler (shuttle transport vehicle). This base was re-engineered and specifically developed for the Coon P line of products.

·Coon P™ Coon Cloth :
·Polyester dacron material
·Negatively charged to repel dust and dirt
·Excellent rust prevention and control
·Lubricates on the molecular level
·Tested safe on all handle materials
·Use on blades to prevent rust and corrosion
·Instructions included
·SMKW Exclusive