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SOG® E.O.D. Powerlock® with Black Oxide Finish

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SOG® E.O.D. Powerlock® with Black Oxide Finish

SOG® E.O.D. Powerlock® with Black Oxide Finish

Brand: SOG
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Pre-order only. Available after: 02/12/2016

Ships after: 02/12/2016

The ultimate multipurpose plier tool from SOG. The E.O.D. (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) PowerLock® is the only compound leverage multi-tool with an unobtrusive crimper for insulated wire, blasting caps, and detonation cord. Average multi-tools weaken the plier head with a cut-out in the plier jaws for a crimper. The E.O.D. Powerlock® avoids this problem because the crimper is tucked away, inside the handles, to prevent accidental crimper damage and provide for an uninterrupted plier surface. It also creates a clean, non-distorting #2 crimp which meets Government fusewell specifications.

·Components include:
·Blasting cap crimper
·Wire cutter
·Double toothed wood saw
·1/2 serrated blade
·Small, medium and large flat screwdrivers
·Phillips screwdriver
·Three-sided file
·Can/bottle opener
·1/4" drive
·Lanyard loop
·Spring tension scissors
·Additional features:
·Black oxide finish
·All stainless steel construction
·2-5/8" Blade
·Thickness: 1/16"
·Width: 1/2"
·4-11/16" closed
·Leather pouch
·Made in the USA