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Boker® Magnum® The Last Samurai&#153; Capt. Nathan Algren's Katana

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Boker® Magnum® The Last Samurai™ Capt. Nathan Algren's Katana

Brand: Magnum

Pre-order only. Available after: 10/01/2014

Ships after: 10/01/2014

Own the sword of Captain Nathan Algren, from "The Last Samurai." This sword is truly beautiful, crafted with great attention to detail, and will be the highlight of your collection. Engraved on the 1045 carbon steel blade are the Kanji, "I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new." The authentic, traditionally wrapped handle with ray-like skin, two Mekugis and Menukis make this a first class replica.

·1045 carbon steel blade with kanji inscription
·Cast iron guard and pommel
·brass habaki, menukis and mekugis
·Imitation ray skin and silk cord wrapped handle
·Bamboo pegs
·28" blade
·40-1/2" overall
·Black laquered sheath