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Komoran&#153; Samurai Sword with 600-Layer Steel Blade

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Komoran™ Samurai Sword with 600-Layer Steel Blade

Brand: Komoran
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Pre-order only. Available after: 02/11/2016

Ships after: 02/11/2016

In ancient Japan the Komoran was revered as a fearsome bird of prey. Fast and agile, sleek and silent, the Komoran delivered its fatal blow by driving its strong sharp bill through its prey. The Samurai warriors viewed the Komoran as an omen of good luck and strength. Many etched the symbol of the Komoran into the blades of their swords, believing it would harden the blade like the bill of the Komoran, provide courage in battle and deliver certain death to their enemies.

·600 layer carbon steel blade with a Komoran tang stamp
·Genuine rayskin handle with authentic cord wrapping and bamboo pegs
·Brass throat
·Black/antique brass finish cast metal guard and end cap
·Gold finish cast metal handle ornament
·41" overall
·Black lacquered wood scabbard with cord wrap
·Sateen sword bag included

The Komoran swords are made to the highest quality using the same process from thousands
of years ago. Ancient Samurai sword makers used carbon steel as there was no stainless steel
at that time. Carbon steel is more prone to rusting so it requires some maintenance. Even
as your sword arrives, it may have small rust spots on it, but these will disappear with
standard blade polish. When storing or displaying your Komoran sword, it is
important you routinely care for the blade to prevent rusting.

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