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Gerber® LMF&#153; II Infantry

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Gerber® LMF™ II Infantry

Brand: Gerber

Pre-order only. Available after: 02/06/2016

Ships after: 02/06/2016

After two years of collaboration, Gerber is proud to introduce one of the toughest military survival knives ever made; the LMF™ II. With expert military instructor Frank Heyl as a guide, and the military as a proving ground, Gerber has created the single most important tool that you can carry. In any survival situation, the LMF™ II can be used to construct shelter, cut firewood, spear dinner, or slice through an aircraft fuselage; even egress through helicopter Plexiglas.
When survival counts the most, the LMF™ II is the one tool you must have at your side!

·12C27 stainless steel blade
·Nylon handle with TPV over-mold eliminates blistering
·Complete end cap and tang separation by the handle
·Reduced shock absorption when hammering
·Electrical insulation from blade
·Ergonomicallly designed grooves and lashing holes for use as a spear
·5" drop pt blade length
·Blade width: 1-3/8"
·Blade thickness: 3/16"
·10-9/16" overall length
·Low profile sheath minimizes interference with movement
·Soft, rigid composite material reduces noise
·Patented intergrated sharpener
·Attachable to belt and Molle vest
·Made in the USA