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ESEE® Adventure Travel in the Third World

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ESEE® Adventure Travel in the Third World

Brand: ESEE Knives
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Do you hav ethe urge to travel to places where "tourists don't go"? Where an American Express card is a curiosity and a first-aid kit a luxury? Where you might rely on the latest and greatest adventure gear, only to find that the locals wear nothing byt a loincloth and a smile? If this sounds like your idea of a great time, then you've found the right book. Authors Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin have logged thousands of miles overseas and have years of experience leading travelers deep into the wildest cities and most rugged backcountry of the Third World. In this book, they help you recognize and minimize the many risks that come with venturing way, way off the beaten path so that you can come home with stories the average tourist will never be able to tell. The authors' hard-earned secrets for staying healthy, happy, and at home in remote and dangerous places include:

·Researching your destination the right way before you depart
·Arriving in your host country safely and with all your gear intact
·Acquiring guides for "abnormal" travels without getting rebuffed or shot
·Bribing and smuggling as last-ditch survival tools
·Dealing with the many and varied temptations of city and nightlife
·Being safe and self-sufficient while journeying deep in the bush
·Written by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin
·Foreword by Robert Young Pelton
·Printed in the USA